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Spiritual Courses

At The Card Soul, we offer a comprehensive range of Spiritual Courses designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your skills in various esoteric practices. Our courses include Tarot Card Reading, where you'll learn the intricate meanings of the cards and develop your intuitive abilities to provide insightful readings. Face Reading will teach you the ancient art of interpreting facial features to understand personality traits and life experiences. Numerology courses will guide you through the significance of numbers in your life, helping you unlock the secrets of your destiny. Additionally, our Crystal Healing course will introduce you to the powerful energy of crystals, teaching you how to use them for healing and spiritual growth. Finally, Pendulum Dowsing will enhance your ability to tap into your subconscious mind to find answers and make decisions. Whether you are a beginner or looking to expand your spiritual knowledge, The Card Soul provides a nurturing environment for your journey into the metaphysical world.

Numbered Stones


You will Learn about

  • Driver & Conductor Numbers

  • Calculate Life Path Number

  • Make Losho Grid and Remedies

  • Identify Missing Numbers in Your Life

  • Discover Repeating Numbers

  • Interpret Various Combinations in the Grid

  • Create Reports on Combination of Driver & Conductor Numbers

  • Analyze Personal Year, Month, and Day Numbers

  • Perform Name Scanning and Changing According to DOB

  • Conduct Match Making

  • Practice Numero Vaastu

  • Identify Deities for Each Number

  • Understand Compound Numbers

  • Explore Vedic Sepharial

  • Calculate Grid Annual Number

  • Integrate Mahadasha with Numerology

  • Integrate Antardasha with Numerology

  • Predict Mobile Numbers

  • Assess Career and Various Number Combinations

  • Predict Using Name Alphabets

  • Provide Remedies

Face Reading

You will learn about

  • Introduction of Faces

  • Face Shapes

  • Head Lines

  • Planets on Face

  • Nature of Face

  • Eye Shape

  • Nose Shape

  • Head

  • Ear

  • Cut, Mark, Male & blemishes study

  • Prediction by face

Fashion Portrait

Crystal Healing

You will learn about 

  • How to Choose Crystals

  • Properties and Types

  • Various Uses of Crystals

  • Clearing & Programming

  • Healing Self and Others

  • Chakra Recomendations

  • Crystal Layouts

  • Attract Property and Much More !

Tarot Reading

You will learn about 

  • Introduction to Tarot

  • Understanding the Tarot Deck Structure

  • Major and Minor Arcana

  • In-depth Study of Card Meanings

  • Basic and Advanced Spreads

  • Enhancing Intuitive Skills

  • Conducting Readings for Yourself and Others

  • Integrating Tarot with Other Practices

  • Reversed Card Meanings and Interpretations

  • Timing and Prediction Techniques

  • Professional Skills for Tarot Readers

  • Case Studies and Practice Sessions

Image by Edz Norton
Pendulum Dowsing.jpg

Pendulum Dowsing

You will learn about 

  • What is Pendulum

  • What is Pendulum Dowsing

  • Size, Material, Length of Pendulum

  • How to choose Pendulum

  • How to charge Pendulum

  • How to ask questions and Much More !

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